Benefits of Office365 For Your Small Business  

Do I need Office 365? Most home based and small Business owners wonder whether they require adopting Office365 to operate their business efficiently. Office365 has come a long way from the offline app Microsoft Office days. It provides various advantages to businesses ranging from supporting the company’s productivity to reducing operational costs. Below are some of the benefits illustrated in details: 


  1. Scalability 

Office 365 provides users with the flexibility of scaling their businesses rapidly as it grows. The company have the capability of blending and matching applications to generate their primary resolutions for every individual. Besides, it is easy to add up or take out users through Microsoft’s cloud-based licenses model. Moreover, the company’s team can continue operating with the standard equipment as they gradually grows; hence no need to move to a new network or adapt to new equipment. 


  1. Working Anywhere 

Employees working for any businesses can manage to work at any place, home, or on holidays if they have a connection to the internet. Emails, documents, and office projects are accessible by any device and location since the whole operation is cloud-based. One can generate, edit, and share information from their computers with anyone in actual time. A company that operates in many locations or dealing with remote workers should go for Office 365. 

  1. Always Up To Date 

The days for network upgrades are gone. A small business that adopts Office 365 will always have accessibility to the latest versions and updates for free. Moreover, Microsoft constantly puts on fresh features and functionalities, and they are available to the business immediately after the updates and patches. Office 365 also solves the compatibility problem since all user in an organization use the same version. 


  1. Reduced Capital Spending 

Office 365 is a subscription-founded technology AKA Saas. This means that the small business is charged with an annual or monthly fee to maintain the service without all the other overheads. The application eliminates huge upfront expenses for a new network, and the Information Technology expenses are moved to operational expenditures. Most companies usually subscribe monthly, which is helpful to manage company’s cashflow. Users can also decide to turn off the subscription they aren’t using to reduce costs. 


  1. Advanced Safety Features 

Office 365 has multiple inbuilt security aspects that help a company to store its data safely. Some of the key aspects include: 

  • Information Loss Prevention– It controls emails and prevents confidential data from leaking from the institution. For example, all emails are scanned for data like passport and social security digits. 

  • Advanced Threat Analytics– These senses and informs the managers on suspicious exercises within the firm. ATA has an inborn intelligence to study, examine and identify usual and strange users or devices, keeping the managers updated. 

  • Message Encryption– The aspect permits individuals to send a concealed email. This ceases unauthorized individuals from reading the information in the email. A company can choose an email service of their preference since encryption functions in all of them. 


Office 365 consists of more benefits than the ones discussed above. An investor can adopt Office 365 to boost their cooperative capabilities, improve yields or ensure their information is safe. Moreover, Office 365 offers services beyond the old school offline Microsoft Office, from online conferences to sharing files to business-class email. Do you want to improve your business? Office 365 got your back!